Chocolate Cream And Raspberry Cake

*2 cups of Chocolate biscuit / tasses de biscuit au chocolat écrasé
*3 tablespoons of melted butter/cuillères à soupe de beurre fondu

For The Cream
*3 eggs yolk 
* 1 teaspoon of vanilla
*30 g of cocoa powder
*30 g of flour
*30 g of Corn flour
*250 ml of water
*220 ml of condensed milk
* 1 Cup of dark chocolate

*mix the butter and the biscuit and put this mixture all around the tray.
*Bake the biscuits base in the oven at a temperature of 180 C for 10 minutes until it gets the golden color 

For the cream:
*Beat the egg yolks with the vanilla
*Add the cocoa, flour, corn flour, and continue whisking until the mixture becomes smooth
*Put the milk and the water to boil together
*Add the milk mixture to the eggs mixture and whisk very well
*Put all this mixture on fire and whisk it until it starts to boil
*Remove it from the heat and add the chocolate and mix again
*Pour the mixture in a flat tray and cover it with a plastic and set it aside to cool
*Spread over the biscuit base and leave it to cool
*Put he raspberry on the top to decorate 

It's Done, Bon Appétit